A-Town Showdown 2019 Feedback

Hi everyone, as we begin preparations for next year, we would love to know what you thought of A-Town Showdown 2019! None of the questions listed below are mandatory, so you are free to fill out whichever section you have comments or suggestions for. Also note that the responses are completely anonymous. Please encourage all of the members of your team to fill this form out as well. The more feedback we get, the better A-Town Showdown 2020 will be! If you prefer to give us your comments personally, then you can always send us an email at registration@atownshowdown.org or call either Simran Gidwani at 404-324-0819 or Suhani Jain at 904-772-4668. Thank you and good luck in the rest of your season. Peace Up, A-Town Down!

Registration Materials *
Registration Materials
Were the information packets clear (Registration, Acceptance, Captain's Manual)? Was the pricing affordable for your team (Application Fees, Acceptance Fees, Hotel Fees, Security Deposit, Extra Member fees, etc.)? Were the rules & regulations clear and fair? What did you think of the Extra Rehearsal Incentive?
How satisfied were you?
Transportation & Check-In *
Transportation & Check-In
How was the flow and efficiency of Hotel Check-In? Mixer & Rehearsal Check-In? Were your airport pick-ups on time? How was show day transportation (prop setup, rehearsal, show, & afterparty)?
Satisfaction with Hotel Check-In
Satisfaction with Mixer Check-In
ATS Swag & Hotel *
ATS Swag & Hotel
What did your team think of the ATS gifts (long sleeve t-shirts, joggers, etc.)? What did your team think of the ATS Hotel (Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Midtown)?
Satisfaction with Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Satisfaction with ATS Joggers
Satisfaction with Crown Plaza Atlanta Midtown
Prop Setup & Rehearsals *
Prop Setup & Rehearsals
How was the flow and efficiency of Prop Setup and your Rehearsals? What did you think about props setup on Friday?
Satisfaction with Props Setup
Satisfaction with Rehearsals
Captain's Meeting & Tech Office Hours *
Captain's Meeting & Tech Office Hours
How was the flow and efficiency of the Captain's Meeting and Tech Office Hours? Was the information provided clear? Were these meetings helpful?
Satisfaction with Captain's Meeting
Satisfaction with Tech Office Hours
Show & Prop Take Down *
Show & Prop Take Down
How was the flow and efficiency of the Show? Were there any issues with your performance? Were there any issues with prop take down?
Satisfaction with the Flow and Efficiency of the Show
Satisfaction with Prop Take Down
Judging *
What did you think of the judging process? Were the judging rubrics fair? How did the Judges Meeting go?
Satisfaction with the Judging Process
Food *
Satisfaction with Breakfast on Saturday (Bagels, Bananas, and Yoohoo)
Satisfaction with Lunch on Saturday (Mediterranean Pasta and Dinner Rolls)
Satisfaction with Dinner on Saturday (Pizza)
Mixer & Afterparty *
Mixer & Afterparty
Did you enjoy the mixer & afterparty? What did you think about the mixer food? Did you have enough time after the show to eat and get ready for the afterparty? What did you think about the afterparty drink prices? How was the afterparty DJ?
Satisfaction with Mixer
Satisfaction with Mixer Food
Satisfaction with After Party
Satisfaction with After Party Drink Prices
Satisfaction with DJ Anis
Liaisons & Board Members *
Liaisons & Board Members
Please let us know how helpful your liaisons and the ATS board members were from application to now. Were your concerns heard? Were your questions answered promptly and clearly? Did your liaisons go out of their way to make sure you were comfortable?
Satisfaction with Your Liaison
My questions and concerns were heard and responded to
Satisfaction with ATS Executive Board
How satisfied were you with ATS 2019 overall? *
On a scale of 1-10, let us know how you feel about ATS 2019 as a whole! Let us know how ATS compares to your other competitions. Tell us what you loved and what you hope to see changed for next year! If you have any lingering comments or concerns, please discuss those in this section.
Please be as specific as possible to make ATS 2020 even better!